pronounced as : chin-te-mani


The three crescent moons or "the eyes" - Cintemani is a simple and elegant design from 15th century Ottoman Empire, usually applied on wall tiles, ceramic wares and royal clothes - kaftan. Similar designs also exist in the far east cultures, with similar philosophical interpretations.

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What makes Cintemani unique and interesting, lies in the meaning;

First Crescent - Eye of the Mind (Akil Gozu)
To be aware of your thoughts, beliefs and ideas-  your rational presence in this world

Second Crescent - Eye of the Heart (Kalp Gozu)

   To be aware of your feelings, reactions and their triggers

Third Crescent - Eye of the Wisdom (Guz Gozu)

   To understand yourself and your environment, to reach your inner wisdom, to connect with the world at a deeper level - which is usually reached at your senior years (Guz, in philosophical ground, signifies the combination of seniority and wisdom.